How do we get people to talk? Here’s several possible ways!

Interviewing: I have not been so well informed about it, until I watched this video!

This is a video done by Gabriel Biller and Kristy Scovel (2008) exploring the question about denim jeans “Who’s buying premium denim and why?”.

It’s a simple questions to explore, and there so many ways to explore it. Interview is a classic one. First thing a student will answer if you asked them how would they conduct this research, they will said interview. Most of them (based on my personal experience teaching methods in research) have not much clue of how to conduct an interview and not even close to have list of what kind of questions they want to ask. Interview is one of the most stimulating process for me. Not only the interviewee needs to accomplish the skills in understanding and reading human behaviors and reactions but also how to engaged with the person who is sitting in front of you.

Things like making them feel comfortable with the ambiance surrounding them, with you as the interviewee, the equipments of recording and most of all the topic and research questions you interested to know from this person. Everybody knows what is an interview, and most of the time it leads to an stereotypical idea that the person who is interviewing wants to get as much as information from you, which makes the interviewee feel uncomfortable.

But this video brings another view about how fun can interview be, provides skills to learn as a interviewer and also what should an interviewer try not to do. Thumb’s up to Dori Tunstall’s taking step by step in details through the emotional elements in the process of interviewing, Collin Murray in sharing the experience about interviewing and Jeremy Alexis in discussing Don’t and Do in the process of interview using his interviewing process as the critic’s subject. If you need to know about interview watched Gabriel Biller and Kristy Scovel video.

“Now it’s gonna take a while before you get there, […] but the moment will happen” – Dori Tunstall.

Thumbs up for this excellent video!

Getting People to Talk: An Ethnography & Interviewing Primer from Gabe & Kristy on Vimeo.

INFO about the video:

The IIT Institute of Design is a graduate school of design dedicated to advancing the methods and practice of human-centered innovation. We believe that real innovation starts with users’ needs and employs a set of reliable methods, theories, and tools to create solutions to their problems. Ethnography and interviewing are how we, as designers, see the world through other people’s eyes and get them to tell us their stories. In the spring of 2008, we talked to professors, experts, and students about this philosophical orientation and how to actually get people to talk. To ground things a bit, we took a look at a truly universal article of clothing denim jeans and set out to understand: “Who’s buying premium denim and why?”

[ Citation: Gabriel Biller & Kristy Scovel, 2008 ‘Getting People to Talk: An Ethnography & Interviewing Primer’ viewed 31 March 2011, ]