In the search of oneself, what is uniquely identity and what is identity?

People do not have a ˜real identity within themselves; it is just a way of talking about self, it is a discourse. An ˜identity is communicated to others in your interactions with them, but this is not fixed things within a person. It is shifting, temporary construction. Gauntlett, D. (1998) on Foucaults ideas of identity.

When a person search for identity, what are the things one should look for and how to look for it.

What are the differences between uniqueness and identity?

Meeting with Laurene May 2


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I had a discussion with Laurene today. As usual, this meeting starts with an explanation of what Ive been doing in my research. I line up things like reading the deconstructions theory from Derridas, essay of deconstruction in graphic design from Lupton and Miller, and work of deconstructionist such as Katherine Mc Coy, students of Academy of Arts and California Arts School. Then I show her my outcome from my readings, the poster I made out of my respond to the deconstructions idea and from my cultural understanding and experiences.

I then moved on to another project that Ive been working on which are the women magazine cover and the printed advertisements. Honestly, I been spending more time on the women magazine rather than spending time on the other part. I started with the printed advertisement but then left it on a side and started the analyzing the women magazine cover. For this analyzing methods I read again and again essays, papers or articles that have relation to Barthes theory on sign, signifier and signified. I want to understand how to analyze the meaning behind the printed material and the visual representation of it. I read Hall, S. papers and books on visual and cultural representations; I also did touch on Foucaults ideas on identity (See David Gaunlett 1998). It all seems like a patch works of my research. I also try to be friend with Babha, H. and some of the post colonialisms author, hoping to get deeper understanding and more familiar with the issues of nation and its relation in my research.

It started with this important question.

What are the differences between what is Malaysian and what is uniquely Malaysian?

What I need to do:

1. Look for British Vogue magazine and compare the cover design with the Malaysian Womens Magazine. (Anyone knows where to start?)
2. Make a diagram to trace/create narrative of my searching of Malaysian uniquely identity.
3. List down in anyways list of the things, or could be anything that is Malaysian to me.

Any thought on this?