Covid19. Pandemic. Home schooling. Work from home.

Clearly I have been busy and somewhat lazy, to the point that I have not contributed any post for this year 2020.

The year started nicely till in March, when the world has been hit with one virus, Corona or also known as Covid19.

I was in the middle of switching job, searching for jobs and learning new things.

We were very fortunate that we had the chance to go back to Penang, Malaysia and Reims, France at the end of 2019 till Jan 2020. At least we did managed to catch up with family. I can only imagine the feeling for many who live far from their family and are not able to see them, stuck with lock-down.

As for now, we are still in lock-down, the numbers shot high in July and now going down again. I don’t think that the numbers will stay low (but I wish it will).