Here are some of the publications link or PDF of the work that I have done through years. Copyright are hold by the publisher where the publications are published. I appreciate if you email me to inform and cite the publications according to academic styles accordingly.

2013: New Direction of Design in Malaysia: Designing for Social Change.
Appeared in CUTOUT Magazine 2013. Editor Vivian Toh
citation: Zainurul Rahman. New Direction for Design in Malaysia: Designing for Social Change. CUTOUT Magazine. No. 05. 30-32. 2013. Print.

2016: Malaysian Design History
Representing Malaysia in The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design. Edited by Clive Edwards. in 2016.
citation: Rahman, Zainurul. Malaysian Design. The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design. Volume 2. Ed. Clive Edwards, Ed Harriet Atkinson, Ed. Dipti Bhagat. UK. 347-348. 2016. Print.

Image result for âMalaysian Design.❠The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design

2013: Do Good Design by David Berman (Translated by Zainurul Rahman in Malay language)
citation: Rahman, Zainurul. Translator. Do Good Design: Bagaimana Pereka Boleh Membantu Mengubah Dunia. By David Berman. Kuala Lumpur. 2013. Print.

2013: Code of Professional Conduct for wREGA
wREGAs Code of Professional Conduct is a guide of professional practice for graphic design in Malaysia. It is an ethical standard which are accepted by all members of wREGA to instilled integrity and to demonstrate respect of the profession. The Code covers several important areas. They are: responsibilities to the association, responsibilities to clients, responsibilities to another graphic designer, responsibilities to the public, and responsibilities to society and environment.

The Code encourages good standard and fair balance of the needs of wREGA members. wREGAs Code of Professional Conduct adheres to the international standards of the graphic design practice established by International Council of Communication Design (Icograda).
citation: Berman, David; Rahman, Zainurul; Ong, Zac. Code of Professional Conduct. Malaysian Graphic Design Assoc. (wREGA). 2013 September.

Please download for full read: wREGA_CoPC.pdf