Logo Design

I have started my career as a graphic designer since 1996. I am an old school graphic design practitioner, where the stress is put on the FA and print. I l am meticulous person when it comes to design and I think it influence my way of seeing and doing in life too. I prefer simple, dynamic yet functional design rather than just a good looking design. I believe design can change culture and livelihood. My experience with research have help me to go deeper in my design research process. Different methodologies is used in the process of designing each artefacts.

Through years when the internet started the online design with the screen saver, websites, online banners, ads, and now the user interface for apps for mobile and tablets, I have gained knowledge and my role evolved from a graphic designer to visual communication designer. I cannot put all my design here but here are some samples of work from the past and some from the recent one.

This logo was designed in 2003. I also established the first IPS website in 2003. Logo designed by Nurul Rahman 2003. www.ips.usm.my/
Logo design for Center for Indonesia Malaysia Thailand CIMT. Logo is designed by Nurul Rahman in 2015

A Research Project about Disappearing Kampung (Villages) in Penang Island due to the fast development. Logo design by Nurul Rahman Sept 2018.

Designed for the Universiti Sains Malaysia Halls of Fame
to celebrate the academics achievements.
Logo Design by Nurul Rahman 2001
Mizan Research Center Logo for Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) designed in June 2016. Logo design by Nurul Rahman 2016.  http://kampungmizan.usim.edu.my/
A identity design for Youth Big Band of Penang Jazz group. Logo design by Nurul Rahman March 2019
Logo design for Penang Jazz Society Association.
Designed by Nurul Rahman 2017