Happy 2014!

It has been eight years since I started writing this blog entries. I thought that I would write more about design and life as a designer and educator after I completed my PhD. That was wrong. I barely wrote about anything in this blog after my PhD. But this year resolution is about writing interesting journeys, design experiences, teaching jokes and memorable moments in this blog.

For a start, while browsing through the net looking for an old image of Penang Botanical Garden Project proposal that I am currently preparing, I found this interesting blog by R.S. Murthi, a writer, editor, musician and a cyclist. In his blog there are collections of songs, photos old and news, and short stories. You can find him here http://www.rsmurthi.com/index.html

I must be a bit behind as I have only got the chance to know some fantastic bloggers but, it’s never too late to catch up with the updates.

Happy 2014 and look out for more stories in this blog.