Design, history and archiving in Southeast Asia

Among many there are few interesting Design resources that we can find online. This is the new one that I recently discovered. I am glad that history has never been ignored in design, after all what is design without history. The next important things in design is archiving. Yes, when I discuss about this with some of the local designers here, the archiving topic seems to put them off. “Why?” I asked? “It’s kind of off the trend.” “Really?” Since when archiving become part of the trend? I wonder.. This is the one of many problems that I learned and need serious attention in Malaysia and many other Southeast Asian countries. And I am not only taking about designers but it seems like it is a common attitude of many people here, with the ideas archiving is just an old fashion thing. Sad, as for me, and I emphasised it as much as I can in my PhD’s theses, the important of archiving here in Malaysia. Without archiving, there is no history, and without history, we as designers, as part of the nation are nobody. This discussion is part of the conference paper that I am presenting in Cumulus Design Conference 2013 in Oslo, Norway.