Your role as a designer PART 1: Try practicing ‘Design for sustainability’

Reading through David Berman’s book “Do Good Design” I came across this site which was introduced in his book. by Eric Benson, is a site that every designer should visit at least once to get some inspirations of what a designer can do to help the society and sustain the environment. Have a look here. You can click at the image and it will take you to the site.

Here Eric try to introduce and to change our practice as a designer to green practice. Issues about paper, printer, tools and plenty more are set here for you to explore. Now, it’s your time to do it.
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David Berman talk in School of the Arts, USM Penang

My first meeting with David Berman was in Sydney when I attended an AGDA talk about “How can designer save the world?”, which I think the title sound a bit ‘big’ but the content is very useful and I didn’t regret attending the talk.

David’s talk is fantastic! He shared about his experience as a Graphic designer but not so much about the design artwork, but more on the ethic part of being a designer. He is such an inspiration and after his presentation I cannot help from seeing him to discuss more about his effort to shaped a better designer in each one of us. I bought his book “Do Good Design” and reading the book have answered lots of the questions that I’ve been asking myself about my role as a Graphic designer. All these questions, such as “what will happen if I create a design using an image of a little baby?” Is it ok to use it? Or is it not? Of course my boss and the company that I was working at that time supporting and comforting me by saying that it perfectly fine. Because we have paid the royalty of the picture, and we have asked the client if they ok with using the baby image in their poster and branding promotion, and they are fine. But am I the only one was in the bubble here? I am more concern about how we exploit the image of the naked baby here. Yes, it’s cute and yes, it only the back view of the baby, but still.. So David, thank you for answering the questions in my thoughts.

I am delighted to present David to Malaysian designer. So I have put my best efforts to bring David here in Penang. Under the Graphic Communication Design department, I am delighted to bring David as our guess of honour. My advice to you, this is once in a life time David Berman talk is held in Penang, so if you’re around please do come. Make your RSVP at maslynda[at]

See you there!



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