Back in Australia. Part 1.

I have been not very active in this blog, not because I am not active online but life has been pretty full-on and by the time I looked back it passed 2020.
Well in 2020, I took a spin of my career, well after taking 1.5 years off from work to focus on nursing my baby. It was a hard decision as a career woman, I now know how it feels for many women who have to sacrifice their dream job for a family. And it is true what they say, at least for me, that family does come first.


So in 2017, I left Malaysia to follow my husband back to Australia, and to be with my children in Australia. I left my full-time work as a Senior Lecturer at a public university in Malaysia, property, family, and friends. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but it was a worthy one. I left without much thought on what will I do in my career path. But I do have a dream, that I want to go back on my design practice and less academic work. I have been too long as an academic and while I was in that position, I feel that I needed to go back to a technical-driven part of my career one day.

Life in Australia seems easy to many, but not to us. We are back in Melbourne with 2 little kids, no family, and no job for me. We started from scratch again but with a big dream that we will find the balance and quality of life here in the city of Melbourne that we used to know. Work-life-balance as they all said here. What we cannot find in Malaysia, and the reason why we decided to move back here.

I am going to stop here and will continue again this post for Part 2 when we arrived in Australia. What happened, how do we start, the challenges and the fun living in Melbourne with little children.