Who are we designing for?


It’s been nearly 4 years I’ve lived in Melbourne. Since I arrived, I been doing freelance job in Graphic Design and getting involved with other design association to get different opinion and thought. It is an ongoing learning process for me. Not only in design but also in life. In Melbourne, I can feel the designers spirit to establish themselves, crying out loud, collaborate with others and trying to define their roles in society. Who are designing for? What is the propose? Are we designing for ourselves, clients or are we designing for the societies?

In order to establish ourselves in various discipline, we need to be strong, we need to believe and trust that we can make a different by using our ‘petit skill’. I saw many of my friends now getting involved with various areas (e.g. environment and sustainable, education, user centered design, interaction, cultural studies, community services etc.) Hopefully by doing this we are defining our little roles.

Design in Melbourne are moving, progressively. Thanks to designers who are aware of their roles in design and take few step forward finding a way to offer their knowledge and skill to the societies.





Design Discourse in Kuala Lumpur (KL)

After all this time, finally one of my dream comes through. Design Discourse in Malaysia. Got this news from Asri Ahmad, a friend whose always giving his thoughts and ideas about my research and design.

and people whose interested in design and creative areas:

In Kuala Lumpur, starting November 2007, ongoing for 6 month trial I would say, there will be a discourse on design. I think this is a good start to gather all the designers together and discuss about problems, issues, experiences and practices in design. I’m not sure how this work but its sure sound too good to miss.

Interested? For further information check this blog:
Kaki Reka

Kuala Lumpur – Past & Present

I found this visual in You tube. Interesting to see the changes, although it is only through the architecture. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian capital city developing since the past until now. This presentation is by ‘Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL)’, Kuala Lumpur City Council. Thanks for the effort of collecting some images and put it together. I think DBKL need some graphic or interaction designer to work on this further. Have a look… Kuala Lumpur dulu dan sekarang