Design Island Symposium in Tasmania.

Last 2 week we went to UTAS (University of Tasmania) and did some presentation about design practice. This is a project by UTAS Arts Center and Communication Design Postgraduate, School of Applied Comm., RMIT, Melbourne. I meet many interesting people, researcher and artist from Hobart. We also had fun eating Tassie oyster and salmon. Hmmm…great! The design practices symposium went well, although I think we need more people to participate next time. It’s good to see what others did in their field doing research through designing. As for me, I wonder if they understand what i said in my presentation. I managed this time presentation well, not that nervous like I used to be. Other than that, I also get good feedback from other participate about my research topic, and meet some interesting people. Good practice, i have to do it often.



One of the Presentation Panel from right Miek, Jeremy and Tania

The next day we also managed to visit some places in Hobart, like the Salamanca Market and the Sunday market where they sells lots of used product. Different but nice. It’s a bit cold compare to Melbourne but I would say more peaceful and relaxing…and sometimes can be boring..depending what you doing there. We also went up to Mount Wellington. Beautiful view at the top although much more colder than Hobart CBD. We can see the Hobart CBD view. Amazing! We also had fish and chips for lunch. Fresh fish…hmmmmm loves the seafood there. Well I also did took lots and lots of photos. For my personal collection and also for our project in Hobart from Laurene (my supervisor).




This project called 24 Hours Noticing in Tassie. The purpose of this project is to capture a collection of images that we find interesting and what we notice from it. I did notice some but not really aware about it..But i did managed to take lots of you can see here ๐Ÿ™‚ And thanks to Xavier who participate in this project.

View from Mount Wellington


Crossroad on Mount Wellington


New research title

I’ve changed again my research title for the third time, or perhaps few times. The previous one sounds confiused. I guess its because I’m confiused, researching about Malaysia, the people, politics, theory and many other things happen around makes me confiused. The new title now is more accurate and more relevant to I want plan to do next. Branding Malaysia? Thinking to understand the evolution of Malaysian Identity between 1957-2007.

My next project is still in the brainstorming process. Although I do have some ideas in mind. It’s a visual mapping project on Malaysian Identity from 1957 (Malaysia get the independence) until now 2007. This mean mapping visual images of Malaysia in 50 period of time. I’m thinking of a way to get some help from others to getthe visual images apart from my trip back to Malaysia soon this year. Plan to go back to Malaysia is to travel around some part of Malaysia and do some research work there like interviews, visual collection, and perhaps plan for exhibition.

Well at this point, I have to prepare things for my next GRC which will be in two weeks time. Then I will start to plan my project….


Calling malaysians home and away – send in your short merdeka wishes and share it with the world – M50

Send in images and share your thought about Malaysia 50 years of Independence.