Grande Mosquée de Paris – A must visit when you’re in Paris.

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Mosquee de Paris - Nurul Rahman
Mosquee de Paris – Photo: Nurul Rahman 2013

The Grande Mosquée de Paris, located in the 5th arrondissement, is one of the largest mosques in France. Here in the mosque the notion of Islam is clearly projected as a simple, peaceful and acceptance religion. The mosque represent it all. Anyone can visit the mosque. It is open to public except at the Friday prayers where the mosque will be fully occupied by the Musliman for the Friday prayer. Behind the mosque there is a beautiful cafe, which runs all days serving lunch and dinner. There is also a hammam place (Strictly for women only). This is how the mosque sustains the place.
If you in Paris, the Mosquee de Paris – the restaurant, is one of the place you should not missed. Spend some times to visit the hammam then have your lunch and end with small sweet taste of the dessert and sweet tea. They served Oriental food such as Tagines, Couscous and Pastries. Sit at the open terrace and just enjoy the design surrounding the space.

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