In progress…

I guess I’m now entering the most appalling stage in my research, at least at this stage, I wonder if it will be worse, but from hearing others, it seems like it will continue until the end. Now I started writing my first chapters last year in November and submitted the 1st draft to my supervisor in December before I left for overseas. When I’m back in Melbourne in January, I did revised the version and submitted the 2nd draft and the process go on until now I’ve submitted the 3rd draft of the 1st chapter and started my 1st draft on the second chapter of my PhD.

The first chapter is the written documentation of the online forum project that I did in the very beginning of my PhD three years ago. Apart from that I also wrote about the outcome of the project and why the online forum project is significant in my research. It includes the early ideas of the projects, the design methods and process, literature reviews that help to strengthen the concepts, collaboration work with non-designers, promotional process and designing, and problems and issues that occured from this online discussion.

The second chapters is focussing on the investigation of the role of visual communication designer in realtion to Malaysian National Identity. Using cartoons I choose Lat, that I considered the most influencial Malaysian Communication Designer as the case study I have explored and discussed technics and tactics, elements and methods that visual communicators used in transmitting their messages to the specific readers. Here, I also discussed, examined and guided the readers together with some insight information about Malaysia, through the visual designing process and the show the effectiveness of different methods used in this process.

I also in the process of skeching the map of my research journey. Three years is quite a long year and lots have been done in this period of time. I have to be able to articulate the process clearly and link each project to each other. That’s how far I’ve been in my research.