Fantastic tools for presentation by Mr. Zaid Alsagoff

Workshop for Designing Effective Presentation

Today we (the academic staffs of the School of the Arts) were asked to attend a workshop to teach us on how to work or design an effective presentation. This class is organised by Mr. Zaid Alsagoff from International of Medical University Malaysia. He shows us the latest tools that I found fascinating.

Here I would like to extend Mr. Zaid talk and sharing session about the useful links if you want your presentation to be much more interesting and as they said, create an awesomeness of your presentation.

Useful links:
VideoScribe –

Bitly – to shorten your long links to a shorter version
This site is fantastic as it help to shorten an image links that you got from internet to be less messy and shorten it or simplify it.
Try this one and it makes your life


Poll Everywhere –
is a superb tools for a fast response, to get the students to response to a certain topic for the open discussion.

Socrative is a fast tools to do quiz, or forum in the class. This is a great tools for the class exercise and to engage the students to the topic that you want to get the student thinking.


My paper on Cartoonist Lat and Imagery of city

“Malaysia’s globally popular cartoonist Lat and the imagery of city/country , globalism/islamicism that can be found in his work co-authored with the breathtakingly dynamic design academics and theorists Nurul Rahman Wargny and Nasya Bahfen – perfect academic partners who bring nothing but abundant ideas and creativity to the table” – Juliette Peers, RMIT.

The paper can be read online at