Design: the buzz word

Design as in research, methods and practice is becoming visible more today than 20 years ago. In industry, education, business or even in everyday practices. In fact in some lucky days you can even have a good conversation about design with a stranger while waiting for your train.
This is the world that we are living now. With the fast internet, information and knowledge can just be at your fingers. How convenience.
But than again, given that it is convenience to have the knowledge at your fingers, it can also be so easy to misunderstood what is design. It seems like design is such a big word that it can become such a vague word.
Lately, this is what bothers me. In business, in industry, even in education, this current trendy word, is used so much that everybody seems to know what it means and more importantly how it can fit in with our everyday life.
As you can see now, even in this discussion, what do I mean by design? In what sense and in what context am I discussing about design? Well.. that’s a thought for today..