Design thinking: How’s things work, the story of STUFF

This is an interesting video that I seriously think any designer should spend time watching it. It reflected on our daily behavior and will be able to inform us about what is outside of our comfort zone in terms of design practices. It’s worth seeing. The presentation is nicely presented with icons and simple visual to communicates the scenarios. I think it should be one of the main discussion in design education. I did this in my tutorial class. My first year design student, thinks that there’s nothing they can do, as the task is too big, and that they are only a beginners. Well, most of them think that as a designer, they are helpless as the client rules the process. Is this true? Really, we designer didn’t have much say in our own design process? What do you think? I had the discussion with my student, and good to see that this kind of assumption has been bravely put on the discussion table from my student. Clearly they wanted to contribute but didn’t see ways of doing it. So design educators, it’s our job.