I created this image for the 4th GRC visulized the narrative of my research trip in Malaysia. Apart from the actual image is taken from ‘Malaysian Year Book 1967’ which I got from a second hand book store in Penang, I also add in some of Malaysia icon/symbols taken from LAT sketches.

The interesting part in this image is the name of each Malaysian state. It is an old spelling of the state influenced from the British Era. Some might not be in the map anymore because it has been changed. I highlighted the Penang Bridge, Petronas Twin Tower, Malaysian Airlines and Visit Malaysia 50 years logo. There are more icon/symbols of Malaysia, than what you can view from this image, actually much more than this such as food, places, games etc.


Searching for Malaysian National Identity!

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–>What can we consider our (Malaysian) identity? We do have Proton which is said by our ex-Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as Malaysian National Identity. But how is Proton now? Is Proton surviving in the globalisation market? it seems like Proton is having quite a hard time struggling to survive in the global market. And we also have Malaysian Airline System (MAS). That is also Malaysian National Identity. Although MAS is also struggling to survive. How about Petronas Twin Tower? Yes indeed, i guess we can acknowledge that Petronas Twin Tower is Malaysian National Identity too. And KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport).

But this is a huge things..i mean big project…what about our local product that can be consider as our identity? What is Malaysian Product?
I’m trying to identity what can we called Malaysian Identity? What is our national identity? What is our cultural Identity? In my project base research, these are the things that i should identify…before i start another project i guess…Well that what i think at this moment..so i will start doing it..by collecting images of these and try and put this images together as a collage or in other medium…perhaps exploring this images is different ways..
-Nurul Rahman