Bonnie Doone-Design Retreat

–>Last weekend (1-4 July 2006) we ( Laurene, Yoko, Miek, Tania, Liz, Keith, Neal and me) were in Bonnie Doone to do a ‘Design Retreat”, we had a great time and we learn lots of new things. But the best part is, we’re back to the nature. Nothing but nature. Fresh air, greeny environment, bush walking, hill climbing, open fire and no electricity. We also explore the idea of design and research, well that was a task given by our supervisor, Laurene.

The best things for me, is getting back to the playfullness time, reminds me of my childhood. All we did is play. So getting back to this time, and play within the pine forest and bush forest brings back the memory ( but in different environment).

We’ve been given a task to create an intervention that relates to the idea of design and research. And we did in one day, because of the limited time somehow we did it. The work that we did, i reckon, is to guide us to identify the method in doing research, what kind of methodology that suit each one of us in the research. I realised that everyone of us have different ways of approching research using contrasting methods.

Notwithstanding that, I still could not relate this practise with my research, I know by some means, this research method practise will assit me in my research practice.
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