The Corporation by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan

The Corporation a documentary film by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan is about how corporations are destroying the world in their ways. Basically it shows how corporations run most of the known world. Some of the corporation is behind the big global brand. The movie starts out with the history of corporations, and how their power grows substantially after World War Two. According to the film, most of the world’s governments and job markets are run or at least affected by corporate power. Corporations have the power to poison and despoil the environments and the people around them, and the larger these “corporate citizens” are, the more immune they are from prosecution. Basically, if corporate power remains unchecked, we are all screwed, except for the fat cats at the top.

What is the corporation?
The corporation as in the Oxford American Dictionary can be define as a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law.

“A corporation is a person..according to the corporation lawyer after the civil war. The corporation operate legally as a individual person, it is not a group of people, it is under the law a legal person”Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor, MIT, The corporation.

To make it easier, it’s a one form of a business ownership. Few people under the same direction of business. The term corporation was born in 1712, by Thomas Newcomen started to create a way to increase the productivity, more core for men hour.

What kind of a person is the Corporation?
If corporation is a person, he was given the right as a immortal person but a special kind of person that have no moral, design by law to be concern only to their stockholders without concern of their community. And the mission is to make profit and more profit.
As in the world that we’re living now, many of the events is being sponsored by the corporation. Some are for good intention, but some are for the same intentions as other corporations, making as much profit as they can.

What will happen to the next generation with the power of Corporation? Watch ‘Renaissance’ a french movie by Christian Volckman and see how Paris in the future 2054, controlled and owned by a corporation that stands behind a brand.
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