About Nurul Rahman


A PhD Candidate in project-based research
Area of interest :
Communication Design + Branding + Culture +Identity

Nurul Rahman currently is doing her PhD practice based research in Communication Design, School of Applied Communication, RMIT University Melbourne.

She’s a communication and graphic designer who has been working long enough until she realized that she needed more than practice in design and decided to continue her postgraduate studies. Her interest is in communication design, identity, branding practices, culture and heritage.

Her research investigates the participation of Graphic Designers in crafting cultural and national identity.

In her PhD, she’s applying practice base research, through communication design. It will investigate and explore designer involvement in shaping Malaysian identity. An online forum has been used as a method for undertaking the research. I analyzed the responses to this forum in order to understand how Malaysian designers view their Malaysian identity through their practices and education. I will analyze the collection of printed material that Ive gathered through my field trip to examine and understand the evolution of communication design in Malaysia. This research will also include the design and cultural implications in the process of crafting Malaysian Identity. I also intend to contribute to contemporary discussions about design and cultural engagement, its implication in the society and its impact on countries and local industries.


Image: Nurul Rahman traveling trip to Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam). This photo is taken by Tachi (Mexican Pro.Photographer) who travel together with her and another Mexican friend, Jesus when they’re on the trip to Cambodia.

Nurul Rahman can be contact through this email: nurul.rahman[at]student.rmit.edu.au

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

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  1. Hello Nurul…
    I’m a MASSCOM student from UiTM Shah Alam. I am really interested in ur research about Malaysian ‘design + brand + culture’. I tot of doing my research too about HALAL HUB in Malaysian Food Branding. Maybe U could help me by gimme a picture on how to make this research successful? Pls contact me at my email stated above.


  2. Malaysian Food Branding seems interesting area. Focusing on Halal food perhaps can be one of the way of presenting Malaysia to the world. Have to discuss more about this.
    By the way thanks for your interest.

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