Organising materials

I have been engaging in a exploration to try to understand or to find out a methods that allow me to capture and make my prints collection visible to others. Not on the design of the way to present the print artifacts but also the organization of the material and the information I have. So far I been digging in ideas from few design research methods such as Brenda Lauren, Philip Meggs and Steven Heller. In America there are quite a few books that is publish as a collections of many graphic design work throughout the years. This is interesting as I find it very similar to what I am exploring with Malaysian Artifacts. I am intended to try these methods and hopefully I will be able to work this process out.

The questions I am having running around my head is firstly ‘How do I organize the print artifacts that I collected and make them visible to others? What kind of direction I should take? Is there any model I would be able to follow in doing this?
Secondly, If the focus of my study is to explore and investigate how the concept of Malaysian identity has been manufactured or constructed through stereotypical iconography, then how does this collection of print artifacts would be able to demonstrate my argument?

In the process of exploring the methods that will work in demonstrating my print materials, I am also reflecting on the process of discoveries itself. In doing the process of finding the methods, I also realized how long hours I have spend on Adobe Photoshop software. Cropping, re-touch images, changing the sizes of the images and many other is part of the graphic designers job. In my situation, the images that I have are pretty old, on top of that I only have them in hard copy and there is none that is available in digital, apart from some efforts making by few Malaysian designers. Therefore scanned or photo shooting is also part of the process, before we even get to the reconstruction process.

Anyway, got to go and continue retouching my imagery, I will update the blog hopefully in few days. Meanwhile, to whom who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas and for the new life in 2010, Happy Jolly New Year and hope all your wishes may all comes true!