The challenges of getting RekaCipta Malaysian Design Podcast online

In everything you do, there is always challenges.. and its not a bad thing. We should see it as something that should motivate us to do more and to dig more. To make it happen. It is a process that one have to go through. Without any challenge would we appreciate anything that we have achieve?

Anyway, this podcast that I am currently working on, is a hard task. First of all it is about organising the narrative, the storyline, the equipments and the voice. The latter for me is the hardest. Its not easy to get the right tone and making sure that what you’re saying is convincing the listeners.

Another challenge for me is working with 2 little kids around. I am a full time researcher working with several projects, a freelance visual designer, and a full time mom. It’s a hard work to shift your mind from handling the little one to strategising my research directions and managing projects, plus the design work. So time is precious, and that the only thing we as human cannot control.

Ok now back to work.