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This is the first Malaysian animation cartoon published by Filem Negara Malaysia (National Film Malaysia) in 1990.
Strongly influenced by Walts Disney cartoon, Malaysia find its own way to present the nostalgic Hikayat Sang Kancil.

“Dialam inilah tinggalnya Sang Kancil yang bijak sana dengan sahabatnya si Kura-Kura. Mereka hidup, rukun damai, bebas bergembira, tolong menolong dan berkerjasama di taman peliharaan mereka”.

Translation: In this world lived the knowledgeable Sang Kancil (Mousedeer) and his best friend, si Kura-Kura (tortoise). They live harmoniously, peacefully, free and happy, and helpful between each other in their governed garden. Until Si Monyet (Monkey) arrived. And who is Si Monyet (monkey)? and what world are we living in? There are stories behind the narrative of the Sang Kancil, Kura-kura and Monyet.. and yes, there is also the owl who is living on the tree.. Hmmm.. clearly I have not thought about this when I was a kid… wait until you see the ending of this story, what had happen to Si Monyet…

Apart from finalising the final stage of my PhD,
I am also occupied with preparing paper that I will present about graphic design and construction of national identity at Mediasia 2010, Osaka, Japan, in October. Here is the paper abstract.

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