Feedback from GRC Autumn 2006


A week after the GRC i received from Laurene my written comment from the GRC panel. There are
1. Laurene Vaughan (Principal Supervisor)
2. Nasya Bafhen ( Second Supervisor)
3. Cameron Tokinwise
4. Peter West

The issues that I need to investigate, to focus and to deepen the research is

Critical Reading around the areas

Branding – exploring argument for and against. Included issues such as end to end product and product personalities

Experience Branding and National Branding – as these have elements that relate to complex proposition of branding Malaysian products internally and externally

Guiding Questions

What does term Malaysian mean? What is the current discourse within Malaysia on this?

How does and can, branding and design relate to other forms of cultural production and cultural outputs?

How can post colonial literature aid in the thinking?

Encouraged to seek out and engage in Malaysian literature to support the research

How might there be differences between what Malaysian needs and wants for itself and what
Malaysian wants to communicate to others?

Be clear about what is my position in the relation to the research and not to let this to bias the my research.
So that ‘s it, and now more work to do.

And here is my GRC poster and my abstract