Petronas Merdeka Ads!

I saw this link while i’m browsing around and fine it interesting to relate it in my research. Have a look at this site Petronas Celebrate Merdeka With you!. It have two Ads. It would be nice to get some respond from other Malaysian about this Ads. You can share this Ads with your friends just by sending it by email. And futher more you can share your thought about this Ads.

Here is what I think about it:

I think this Ad is more like a religious Ad. Personally, as this Ad is for Merdeka Day, and as I’m Malaysia, although I’m looking at this Ads from outside of Malaysia, I think this Ads should have more than what this Ad trying to show. Expecially if it’s for Merdeka Day. The day that we all celebrate, all of us, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, kadazan, Iban, and much more. This is what it should have! All of us in one! One Nation!

What about the multicultural people we have? What about how we survived being Malaysian all this 50 years? The begining the movie just shows only one religion, well, it show Arabic or middle-east people rather than showing Malaysian muslim man, that is not Malaysia! Perhaps because Petronas want to show that in Malaysia, there is only Muslim? What about other races and religion? It can be controversy Ad!

Let me know what you think of this!

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2 Replies to “Petronas Merdeka Ads!”

  1. its not religious ad, it is one of corporate brand positioning of enliving its mission: contributing to nations where it operates and brand essence: energy receive energy return aspiring people everywhere. Petronas has a big stake in Sudan (called the crown jewel of petronas which brings in revenues to oil impoverished regions), and there are a lot of depictions in the ad to represent the nation where it operates such as Central Asia and South East Asia. This distinguishes Petronas from other oil and gas giants: the value of contributing to people not as a corporate image dressing, but a genuine corporate branding intention cored in human being’s very own inner sour searching… whose earth is it anyway?

  2. As refer to your respond on petronas ad, I thought the ad is suppose to be a Merdeka Ad, it’s not supposed to be a promotion for Petronas. It seems like Petronas tried to promote their brand in this Merdeka Ad.
    My argument is why not it just be a Pertonas Ad promoting the nation for Merdeka day and make another ad to position it corporate brand?

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